Denham As a Partner

At Denham, we focus our abilities to assist entrepreneurs in the creation of successful energy and resources businesses. Aligning interests and building partnerships is what makes our investments successful.


We provide strategic and operational expertise throughout the entire investment cycle. Our firm is comprised of an investment staff with extensive energy and resources investment capabilities, as well as technical experience as engineers, operators, and business owners. We are able to provide our management team partners with financial, operational and industry insight that goes beyond the bottom line.


Flexibility, Patience and Focus


We view each of our partnerships as a unique opportunity. We're flexible and creative in structuring the best transaction for everyone involved. By working closely to ensure a common definition of success from the onset of the relationship, we create investment strategies that align with the goals of each management team.


Denham has a patient and long-term investment horizon. We are not looking for market timers or quick results. Instead, we focus on building fair partnerships centered on lasting success. Our management teams' successes are our successes, so from the start of a relationship, we develop exit strategies that make sense for everyone involved.


We believe a focus by both management and Denham on the technical, operational and economic aspects of our investments is what drives success.  The collective operational background and energy and resources investment experience allows us to be thoughtful and provide resources to each team as needed. Our portfolio companies have access to the firm's global industry network and technical experience. 


Tactical familiarity within our focus industry sectors, a solutions-oriented approach and a focus on fairness and shared success make us an ideal partner.




Collaboration and teamwork are integral to success, so we look for like-minded management teams who value the power of partnership and trust. Our portfolio companies are experienced and patient, and they share our vision of growth and value creation. Harnessing their ambition with our financial and technical background, we work as peers, creating a win-win for everyone.


Denham collaborates with management to develop and implement strategic plans that match both parties' long-term goals. Our operational background shortens the learning curve required to understand the business, so we're able to quickly and efficiently create comprehensive, strategic and actionable business plans from the start.