The global mining environment is one of changing capital sources and dynamic supply and demand across a variety of commodities. Denham sponsors experienced mining management teams and entrepreneurs focused on creating valuable enterprises throughout these changing environments.


Denham provides private capital to mining teams and entrepreneurs via partnerships that focus on alignment of interests and intrinsic value creation. We invest globally and across all stages throughout the mining project life cycle. We do so through fulsome business plans that prioritize operational and technical excellence, increasing intrinsic value and ultimate exit. We leverage our operational and financial expertise as well as our extensive industry network to evaluate and understand the risks, execution realities and upside potential of the opportunities in which we invest.


We understand that our investments have a high degree of sensitivity to the environments and communities in which they reside. We, and our partners, take great care to ensure that our activities meet high environmental, safety and health standards and that we work for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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