Power Private Equity

Surging global demand for energy and resources promises growth for the power sector worldwide. Over the next two decades, it's estimated the global electricity sector will need more than $17 trillion of investments, with about half of this required for power generation. Approximately 80% of new generation capacity requirements will come from non-OECD countries (developing economies). While thermal generation sources will continue to play a significant role, renewable energy sources will also gain in competitiveness and grow significantly as costs fall and efficiencies increase.


There is a need in the developing economies for generation from any and all sources, including both thermal and renewable technologies. In developed economies, companies are increasingly in search of knowledgeable equity capital to fund their continued growth or recapitalization of their balance sheets.


At Denham, we seek to capitalize on these opportunities by focusing on investments in solar, wind, hydro and gas-fired generation.


Our Power team is comprised of investment professionals with extensive operational and investment experience spanning market cycles and company evolution stages throughout the regulated and deregulated international power sectors. We are able to originate and assess investment opportunities across the globe and enable management teams to execute on targeted opportunity sets.


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